Hi, I'm Graham

I am a self-taught artist based in the stunning Highlands of Scotland. My wife and I moved from the city to the tranquility of the Highlands some 8 years ago and I have found the wildlife and landscapes here truly inspirational.

"Haggisartz" is a direct and happy result of that inspiration. I originally started painting only with oils before moving onto highly detailed pencil art. I have also tried watercolour and mixing watercolour and pencil. I now paint my original canvases almost exclusively with acrylics. So, I guess you could say that I like to experiment!!

I love to paint and my subject matter is very varied - everything from tramcars to forests to whales! I try to put as much fine detail into my work as possible and I love the challenge of turning a blank canvas into an artwork.

My original canvases have been successfully exhibited which I am delighted about but I fully appreciate that an original painting is not for everyone. I have therefore produced a range of prints from my originals and have also created a giftware range featuring my art.

I am currently working on expanding this range of wall plaques, fridge magnets, coasters, tea-towels and mugs.

I also aim to be as eco friendly as possible in relation to materials and packaging.

I hope that you enjoy my work and please feel free to contact me with any enquiries.